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I had the opportunity to review a pink Savvycents wallet by Melinda Claudpierre. It arrived at my house like a great Christmas gift! I love anything that will help simplify my life in any way possible. My children were even excited to see what mommy was about to open. Right away I switched over from my old wallet to my nice new pink leather Savvycents wallet!

It comes with 6 slots for your bank and store cards, and 2 spots for your driver’s license and health card. An accordion folder with tabs along with tab stickers for grocery, gas, restaurants, clothing, gifts, personal, entertainment and miscellaneous, along with 8 blank ones to customize yourself. There is a spot for your cheque book and a pen!

This wallet has been great to organize my spending for groceries and keeping track of my gas reciepts. I also have used it more than once at work. I work with supported independent living individuals with developmental disabilities and this has come in very handy with grocery trips or trips to the bank.

I highly recommend this wallet to anyone who is on the cash budget system or just like the option for my space in a wallet. I have already recommended it to people who have also seen it and commented on what a nice wallet it is!

Where to buy: Visit Savvycents to read more about this great wallet and order one for yourself. They would also make a great Christmas gift!!

**This review was written by Coupon Mom Canada on behalf of Savvycents. No compensation was rewarded however I recieved a complimentry wallet for review purposes. Thank you.**


Dd and her best friend just hanging out!

First time doing a twitter hop, hope I am doing this right. I love to find new people to chat with and blogs to follow.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with blogging. Slowly I am learning more and more everyday. I do still need to learn more about the blog site to make it fresh and more me. But putting that aside I am loving having a blog. I’m very interested in Product Reviews, since I’ve always loved trying new things and letting family and friends know how I like or don’t like them. This way I can tell the world!

Anyways to get to the real point of this post. I won an award from A Motherhood Experience for the good job I am doing on my blog! Thank you Alyssa for the award ๐Ÿ™‚ It made my day to find that in my email inbox~

There are rules to accepting such an award and they are:

1. Accept the award and post it on your blog along with the name and blog link of the person granting you this award.
2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers you have recently discovered.
3. Contact the bloggers and let them know they’ve been chosen.

I don’t think I can give it back to A Motherhood but if I can it goes back ๐Ÿ™‚

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So lately the children or mostly Ds has been talking about getting a new bed. He would like a bed with the other bed up high as he says. So we have been looking for a nice bunk bed set at a good price. I found a great place to find anything you would like for a bedroom including really cheap bedroom furniture! I have found some really nice beds for both Ds and Dd. Maybe enough for mommy and daddy. If you haven’t been to the CSN Stores they have over 200 different stores to shop at online! Great prices also.

I think my favorite department of the CSN Stores is the cookware and accessories. Just have a look at what I am thinking of getting ๐Ÿ™‚

With Halloween pretty much around the corner, or as I am told by my 4 year old. What better way to get in the mood for Halloween then a Printable Halloween Party Games Pack! I had the opporuntity to review this Halloween Party Games Pack from Python Printable Games.

The Review I have had a lot of fun playing the trivia games with my hubby. The kids are not old enough for those yet but Dh and I have played them while just relaxing after the kids go to bed. Some are pretty tricky that they get you thinking. Lots questions from older movies, or books, etc to the 2000’s.

The kids have had a lot of fun coloring the coloring pages or the game pieces. They have really enjoyed the matching game and also pin the head on the monster, where there is a monster body and eight different heads to pin on him. I’m actually hoping to get pictures the next time they play it since the batteries needed charging last time.

I really think the game Left, Right are a lot of fun. This game pack includes one for the Fall and one for Halloween. If you have never played Left, Right, it’s where everyone sits or stands around in a circle with a gift or loot bag/candy and then one person reads out a story. Everytime you hear Left you pass the item to the person on your left. Same thing goes when you hear Right. When the story is done that is the item you get to keep. I’ve played it at christmas parties, lots of fun.

There is a great variety of games, coloring pages, trivia, mazes, word searches. Great for spending an afternoon inside with the family.

Cons: The activities are in groups (Chilren, Teens, Adults) on the website but when you download they are all together. I wish they would come in the groups. It would be easier to find what you are looking for if it was in different file folders.

Where to Buy: You can check out all the game packs at Python Printable Games.
Python is giving my readers a sample of coloring pages along with a $5 off coupon til November 30th,2010. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or email me at foreverhealthyaloe (at)hotmail (dot) com and I will pass along the file ๐Ÿ™‚

What is available: Python has the following game packs available to the buyer:
Father’s Day Games pack
BBQ Party Games
Slumber Party Games
Picnic Games
30th Birthday Games
40th Birthday Games
50th Birthday Games
Printable Trivia Quizzes
United States Trivia
Harvest and Thanksgiving Games
and of course the Halloween Games

Disclaimer: I have not received any monetary compensation for this review but did receive free products from Python Printable games to use for the review. These are only my own opinions.

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

Here are my picks for the week of Sept 13-19, 2010

Monday – Sheppard’s Pie
Tuesday – Chicken thighs, veggies and potatoes
Wednesday – Fish, rice and veggies
Thursday – Lasanga
Friday – Roasted Chicken, potatoes and veggies
Saturday – Hamburgers, pasta salad and veggies
Sunday – Sweet Potato Black Bean sausage soup and biscuit

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