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I have had a really hard time getting certain things to work for me over here at wordpress. It’s been great for the few months that I have been here but I think I need to make the move over to Blogger. Please follow me over at Canadian Coupon Mom .
I am still very interested in doing Product reviews and giveaways, and writing about life as a Canadian mommy of two!


Over at A Motherhood Experience there is a great contest for a Halloween cookbook called A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

Check it out! The contest ends October 1st, 2010!

First time doing a twitter hop, hope I am doing this right. I love to find new people to chat with and blogs to follow.

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Between the Lines

I’ve been having a lot of fun with blogging. Slowly I am learning more and more everyday. I do still need to learn more about the blog site to make it fresh and more me. But putting that aside I am loving having a blog. I’m very interested in Product Reviews, since I’ve always loved trying new things and letting family and friends know how I like or don’t like them. This way I can tell the world!

Anyways to get to the real point of this post. I won an award from A Motherhood Experience for the good job I am doing on my blog! Thank you Alyssa for the award ๐Ÿ™‚ It made my day to find that in my email inbox~

There are rules to accepting such an award and they are:

1. Accept the award and post it on your blog along with the name and blog link of the person granting you this award.
2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers you have recently discovered.
3. Contact the bloggers and let them know they’ve been chosen.

I don’t think I can give it back to A Motherhood but if I can it goes back ๐Ÿ™‚

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I will add more Great blogs very soon!

Oliver’s Labels is a great Canadian based company who sells Clothing, Waterproof, Safety bands, Bag tags, Shoe labels, Photo labels and Kosher Kitchen Labels. They are available separately or in a package – Starter, Preschool, Clothing, School and Camp. Available in Many prints also.

Oliver’s Labels has a great unique feature that can be added to your labels free of charge if you would like it. It’s called the Found-it Tracking System. It’s a unique number added to your labels that connects the article to you when lost. If the article is found the person who found it is directed to follow a link and then prompted to enter the unique number. Which then in return Oliver’s Labels will match you to your Found-it tracking system code and send you a notification email. Oliverโ€™s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal information!

I have signed up to be an agent with Oliver’s Labels and I would love for you to check my site out for all your labelling needs! Please visit my site Here! For orders over $30 shipping is free! If you would like free shipping but do not want to order $30 at the moment. I will be placing an order in the next week, I would be more than happy to combine your order with mine for free shipping! Please email me at foreverhealthaloe (at) hotmail (dot) com

Edit Sept 3rd – not sure why but links are not working if you would like to check out my agent site please go to I will work on the links over the weekend. Thanks for your patience

Everyone is tweeting but me.. hmm.. so I took the leap and I’m now on Twitter. Not sure I know what is going on but I’m sure I will figure it all out soon enough! I follow a few blogs with great reviews and giveaways, to get extra entries they ask you to tweet about the giveaway so I thought I can do that. Now I just need followers. Do you want to follow me? Pretty please?! head over to @Couponmomcanada to follow my tweets. Thanks! I will return the favor and follow you ๐Ÿ™‚

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