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Hair Cut

Posted on: September 2, 2010

Ds and Dh’s hair grows crazy fast! Dh used to have a lady he worked with cut his hair for next to nothing which was great, thing is she moved almost 5 hours away! So no more cheap haircuts for him. Ds on the other hand would go somewhere in town ranging from $9-$15. I always find it hard to get out to the hair dressers so Ds usually would go a few weeks longer than he should. How is one way to fix that and save money? Go out and buy a clipper set. So thats what I did! Never used them in my life, only ever trimmed my own hair and now I’m going to cut my Dh and Ds hair. Scary! well not really. Once you cut a couple times and get the feel of the clippers it’s not so bad. I’ve given both Dh and Ds a haircut and Ds will likely get another one before school starts next week. Now for the before and After. Ds took 2 sittings so this after is from the first. He didn’t want to sit still. I will get a good after up later 🙂

2 Responses to "Hair Cut"

That’s the best way to save on men/boys hair cuts! We do that too! Dh does his own & does ds hair too. We are due for a new clipper set though I don’t like the one we have – it’s kinda loud & ds doesn’t like it lol
you did a good job!!!!

hehe.,.what a cutie! I “used” to cut my sons hair with the clippers too..I liked it way better then the hairdresser! But now that he is 11,,he wont let me touch it anymore!! He`d rather grow it out so its a state and I cant stand looking at it..haha..I eventually bribes him to go to the barber!
🙂 Good job!

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