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Weekly Update

Posted on: August 28, 2010

It’s been a busy couple of weeks working days Monday to Friday! But all in all it’s been not a bad couple of weeks. I had an interview for an internal job at the place I’m working at. The follow day I recieved a phone call asking which position I would be more interested in and then offered that position! I start next week, I’m happy but a bit nervous for the change. I will need to plan meals for the family or make them before going to work. I will be now working Monday to Fridays evenings. It will be abit of a change to organize housework, kids, cooking and me time. Weekends will be free for the family or my other job.
I have decided that I want to try and make more time for things I enjoy. I miss sewing and scrapbooking. I’m also really enjoying Blogging and using twitter. I love entering giveaways and reading reviews. I would love to do reviews and giveaways on my blog! I will try to devote more time to my blog. I would love more followers and don’t forget to let me know your around, what you like or don’t like. In the coming weeks I will be changing the layout on my blog, and blogging more about coupons, reviews and giveaways. Stay tuned!

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