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Menu Planning Monday June 21st

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Here goes the second week of posting my menu plans.
Monday – BBQ chicken legs with beef flavor (parker asked for it) rice and Squash
Tuesday – Mac and tuna
Wednesday – Need some idea’s 🙂 Please leave me idea comments.. something easy and quick since it’s my mom who will be making supper while I’m at work and they need to be out the door for soccer..
Thursday – Fish and Chips
Friday – Bean and Rice Burritos
Saturday – Spaghetti
Sunday – Sheppard’s Pie

I will try and add recipes during the week. I did not do too bad with last week. I will edit last week’s post to let you know what got changed.

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4 Responses to "Menu Planning Monday June 21st"

I was going to suggest spaghetti for an easy meal on Wed, but I see you already have that on Saturday. What about tacos?

Yes this is my busy week at work and need some quick and easy meals for my mom to prep.

On Wednesday, how about grilled cheese and tomato soup. Another easy meal is hamburgers or a hamburger patty with some tater tots or french fries – maybe sneak in a veggie or small salad….carrots with ranch dressing for dipping? Have a great week!
Take care, Stacy

Thanks that would be quick and easy and the kids like it!

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