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Menu Planning

Posted on: June 14, 2010

I used to menu plan every week or sometimes two weeks in advance, but I slowly fell out of planning, with so much going on at work. Now that I am blogging I would love to join all the other moms out there that do the Menu Planning Mondays with Laura at Organizing Junkie
Every Monday moms around the world post their menus for the week including recipes. It’s great to know what you are making before the day so there is not last minute rushing or junk food going on the table. We have been eating pretty well the last couple of years. Most of our food is home cook and from scratch but when I don’t have a plan I go for the quick and easy and it gets old fast. It also helps out a great deal when grocery shopping. You will always have what you need in the house when it comes time to cooking it.

Here is my first week of Menu Planning for Menu Planning Mondays:

Monday – Soup and fruit for dessert
Tuesday – Skillet Pasta & Beef Dinner from Meal Makeover Moms This is a new one for us. I plan to review it later on in the week.
Wednesday – Egg salad wraps
Thursday – Hot Dogs Pizza
Friday – Beef Stew Dad cooked Hot dogs and Sausages on the BBQ
Saturday – Dad cooks 🙂
Sunday – Tortellini Tomato Spinach soup Beef Stew from The Big Cook Cookbook

Check out more menus at Organizing Junkie

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